Dumbbells are made from sturdy stainless steel cast - this way maximum balance and precise weight is ensured, moreover, over time it will not chip, break or unscrew, as there are no connections. This solution helps free-weight assortment to withstand heavy use easily.


Urethane is UV resistant, non-abrasive and does not have any specific smell. It has a great shock absorbing quality and tear-strength, thus it does not crack, peel, rub off or degrade. Sturdy polyurethane is twice as strong as rubber, and stays fresh, so it will last you a long time.


Rigorously tested for their toughness, Mighty Fitness equipment is made to withstand high-use commercial environments. Durable materials and functional features are combined into constructions that will complement your gym interior and extend workout equipment lifespan.


Coated in thick rubber, that has been injection-moulded for incredible clean finish. In comparison with glued end caps, this rubber will not peel off. Moreover, 100% virgin rubber is used for manufacturing, which is more durable than other types of rubber and has no smell at all.


Polyurethane infused in-laid Mighty logo and weight identification not only gives stylish vibe, but also ensures maximum durability. Knurled chrome handle and Diamond Grip texture gives a secure and comfortable grip so you can take your workout to the max safely and confidently.


The look of your facility is important. Turn your gym space into an outstanding experience with Mighty Fitness. Our distinctive functional design can ensure maximum performance, easy usage and change a space into an area people are drawn to.